Man Proposes To Eden Prairie Woman At Auto Shop

Jeff's Auto in Hopkins will always have a special place in the hearts of this local couple.

David Willard was at Jeff’s Auto the first time he told Susan Wolhowe he loved her.

Willard lives in a nearby apartment building. It was their third date, and they were out for a walk. Suddenly, he just found himself blurting it out: “I love you.”

That was five years ago, but the couple never forgot the moment. Whenever they strolled past the Mainstreet business, they’d recall their first I love you.

Willard has since become a Jeff’s Auto customer. He likes the owners and notes the humorous sayings they always have on the sign in front of their business.

So six months ago, he asked them for a favor: Would they be willing to put something special on their sign? Sure, they said. No problem.

Willard procrastinated and waited for just the right moment—until deciding last week the time was right. Go ahead and post the message, he told the auto shop. Make sure it’s facing east.

On Saturday, Wolhowe drove to Willard’s place from her Eden Prairie home—coming down Mainstreet from the west as she always does. After she arrived, Willard suggested as casually as he could that they go for a walk.

Once again, he reminded her of the time he first told Wolhowe he loved her. This time, though, he directed her attention to the message on the Jeff’s Auto sign.

“Will you marry me Susan?” it read.

Wolhowe fell to the ground screaming in joy—so overcome that Willard had to remind her she hadn’t answered yet.

Of course, her answer was yes. She was in the exact same spot when she learned David Willard loved her.

Send Susan and David your well wishes in the comments.

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